Wordpress. Mobile Design. PHP. MySQL. HTML. UI. Web Design. Facebook Apps. Social Communities. E-Commerce

Web Designer

From enhancing pre-existing websites,
to creating unique and engaging user experiences. I'm very passionate when it comes to designing websites!

Web Developer

Regardless if your website requires
a complex backend to handle hundreds of orders or something simple to manage your emails and present data to your clients.

Business Leader

From managing small teams, to planning and helping execute development for multimillion dollar internet platforms. I've done some pretty cool work over the last 8 years.

You need someone to design your next website, or take your current project to the next level with better functionality? Or maybe you need to ensure that the person you hire next is dependable and able to work day or night to get the job done. When you hire me, I don't just view my work as another job, I view it as an opportunity and a way to make an impact on the industry.