Wordpress. Mobile Design. PHP. MySQL. HTML. UI. Web Design. Facebook Apps. Social Communities. E-Commerce

// Front-End

Designing a great user experience is important to the success of any website or web application. Be it a subtle change in menu presentation to a full scale website redesign. Every detail is important.

My tools: HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, GSAP Animation), Photoshop, Foundation and Bootstrap.

Specialties: Responsive web design, and website redesigns.

// Back-End

From simple web applications that fetch Tweets via Twitter API, to large scale social communities with member functionality and user generated content. I've been able to build and map out interesting projects over my career.

My tools: PHP, MySQL, Frameworks (Laravel, Codeigniter, Slim), Drupal, and of course Wordpress.

Specialties: Social platforms, project planning, API integration.

// Brands I've Worked With

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// Why Hire Me?

You need someone to design your next website, or take your current project to the next level with better functionality? Or maybe you need to ensure that the person you hire next is dependable and able to work day or night to get the job done. When you hire me, I don't just view my work as another job, I view it as an opportunity and a way to make an impact on the industry.