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Below are a list of companies that I have worked for outside of freelance and one-off projects.


Centerplate | Enterprise Application Manager // 2017 - 2019

I led development, implementation, and integration for the web properties of Centerplate. I worked closely with various departments to ensure functionality met the desired goals of the entire team. A lot of my work involved improving the processes and flows by building new platforms based on legacy systems and operations.


RoundSphere, LLC. | QA Engineer & Web Developer // 2014 - 2016

I helped redesign the BookScouter.com website into a modern, mobile-friendly UI. My duties afterwards were developing QA Tools, plans, and stories for testing our websites. I worked with the senior developers to ensure new features were implemented, and communicated with the President to ensure that all problems were resolved in a timely manor. In addition to my QA duties, I helped fix minor issues with BookScouter, from layout issues, to back-end problems.

I Drunk It

I Drunk It | Lead Developer (Founder) // 2014 - 2016

I developed the project outline and road map for I Drunk It, a beer discovery platform that utilizes unique algorithms to make suggestions based on the characteristics of other beers. I sold the website in mid 2016 to focus on life.

Scout Marketing

Scout Marketing | Web Developer // 2013 - 2014

Duties included working on major corporate websites for landing pages, worked with HTML/ JS based iPad presentations for the pharmaceutical industry. I also worked closely with the lead developer on planning, implementation of features, and fixing bugs for agency's various client's websites.


bmpur | Lead Developer & API Implementation // 2013

I helped develop the platform and database design for bmpur.com's music platform. In addition, I integrated several APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube) to help implement various social features and collaboration functionality. I worked extensively with the founders in AGILE development methods to bring together a very dynamic project.


Seirim | Lead Developer & Project Manager // 2013

My duties included leading development teams (2-3 people), designing and implementation of client's functionality requests, ensuring code quality with remote developers and working directly with the clients to ensure all issues were resolved in a timely fashion. I worked with developers from all over the world on a daily basis, working through language barriers and technical capabilities to build large-scale projects.


Rogue Planet Games, LLC | Lead Developer // 2010-2013

I led the development from documented requirements into complete realization of working game mechanics, player UI, and back-end system. I was also in charge of feature and functionality development to ensure it met proper specifications, in addition to ensuring complete scalability and system security.


Phase 8 Studio, LLC | Lead Developer & Project Manager // 2009 - 2013

Built and maintained websites based on client's needs and desires. Implemented database structures and advanced application requirements. I used multiple technologies and platforms such as: PHP OOP, MVC patterns, jQuery, Custom Frameworks, Custom CRUD systems, SaaS application development and Facebook API modules to create robust and powerful experiences.
Since 2009, I've helped many small businesses and websites reach their goals and objectives through consultation and execution of plans.

US Race Club

United States Race Club | Lead Developer // 2012 - 2013

I am the lead developer for the PHP and MySQL portions of website, as well as HTML, CSS, and jQuery components for the front end. I ensure cross-browser compatibility, while maintaining user friendly UI standards.
In addition to web development and technology integration, I bring forth unique and creative ideas to help ensure a growing and adaptive social platform. Ideas that help tie in the gaming community with the real-world counterparts and social interaction amongst the community.


Rallyin, inc. | Lead Developer & Co-Founder // 2012

Built and structured an E-Commerce platform that would tie in social media with sellers and buyers. Functionality included purchasing products, Paypal payment API integration, back end development, front end development, project planning and coordination.
As a Founder of Rallyin, I was also responsible for the implementation and planning of the developmental road map, communicating with various team members, and documenting all internal aspects of the project.


PHXX | Junior Programmer & Web Designer // 2011

Developed OTT platforms, media streaming technologies and back end systems. Designed and developed websites using Prototype and jQuery. In addition to cross-browser compliant websites with high standards. Developed TV Based Touch Screen Mall Kiosk application. Skill set involved: PHP OOP, MVC, Doctrine ODB, jQuery, CSS (1,2,3) Cross-browser Testing and Consistency measures.