Way too spicy!

At my job – I’ve been interacting with technologies that I never imagined existed. Expansive and massive databases in formats and complexity that only large companies would use. Tools and platforms that are infinitely complex with even more sophisticated code logic. Needless to say, it’s been a learning experience and I’m glad to have someone who has been helping me learn the ins and outs. I’ve learned to trust my knowledge more, question things that don’t make sense to me (or if I feel I have a better way of doing it), and embrace the fact that I was hired because I have a proven record of taking responsibility for things I am involved with.

How bad can it be?

Last night I went out with a group of friends. We went to some restaurant (the name escapes me), and I ordered the third hottest wings* they had. Why the third? Because I didn’t want to be weak and order the least hottest ones, and I didn’t want to risk an injury with the most hottest. These wings absolutely destroyed my mouth! I regretted the entire TWO wings I consumed before throwing in the towel. Then comes back the waitress and goes “If you think those are bad, which they are, you should try our hottest sauce.”, I guess I wasn’t in the right state of mind, and before I knew it, she had came back with a little bowl of the sauce. After a few moments, I realized she was still standing there and all the guests at the table were filming me – turns out, the waiters/waitresses have to be close by for the first few bites in case of an emergency… yeah, what was I about to get myself into?

Pretty damn bad!

Pain, agony, self-hatred… none of those justify they intensity of hurt I felt. The previous spices being reignited, and now this new abomination of liquid hell began to eat the lining of my stomach and throat. I think I died twice last night, I’m not really sure.


* = I don’t eat traditional wings, I eat what most people would call “a glorified chicken nugget”. Boneless for the win!


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