To Colorado!

Been a few weeks since I last wrote an update, so it’s well overdue. I could honestly write several pages with all that’s gone on since the last blog, but I’ll save the novel for later.

Day job is going well. I’ve been able to tackle some interesting problems and help migrate some systems over to fairly complex enterprise level platforms. Things I NEVER imagined being able to understand, much less have working knowledge of. I’m growing, being challenged, and meeting goals that I set for myself, along with my company. It’s really encouraging to know that I can still try new things, make things work, and solve problems, be it simple or really complex. One thing I can discuss is some optimization I did for our intranet site.

Optimizing a lot of images

Our intranet site contains a LOT of images, most of which are not optimized and are usually hi-res quality (2+ mb). Since all of these images aren’t important to displaying a product or having super fine details, I was able to write a command line script that went through some 20,000+ photos in varying formats and cut the majority of them in half or more. Overall, I was able to cut down on the space our images were taking up by around 4-5GB. A pretty hefty save and speed improvement. One thing I LOVE doing with platforms is increasing efficiency and boosting load times and speed where possible, this was a nice challenge.

Personal Project

I’ve been working on my personal project here and there (an online web game). So far it’s been good. I’ve took my time making features and building up things, as well as ensuring that the organization and structure all make sense. It’s likely I’ll be able to publish it sometime this year or next.

To Colorado!

My personal life has greatly improved recently. I’ve built a very strong and meaningful relationship with someone I greatly enjoy having in my life and my free time is usually spent talking to them in some form or another. I never envisioned EVER having such strong feelings for someone again, but you can’t help who you love or who comes into your life. I’ll actually be flying to Colorado in early September to finally figure out the next steps in life, a major move for me in terms of “doing things that make me uncomfortable”, which is flying. So to have someone I’m willing to improve myself for, I’m very thankful and happy.


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