So long, Litecoin!

I wanted to post a few thoughts on why I’ve left the Litecoin scene and I wont continue any more articles on it (it wont be the main focus, at least). The community behind LTC is great, I never met an unfriendly person in my experiences on Reddit, Twitter, or other social platforms. It was just a community that felt really good to be part of – minus one major issue… the founder of Litecoin.

Wikileaks Donations

One major issue I had was when the founder announced he was donating to Wikileaks “because he could”. Well, it’s fine to have an opinion and donate your money wherever, but opinions come at a cost. I found myself very conflicted on if I wanted to be in the same company as those who supported such a horrible entity. There were other members of the community that backed this decision in defense of freedom, which is well and good. Then there were a select few who defended Wikileaks and claimed that what they did was good – I simply didn’t agree.


Charlie Lee is a loud mouth, unfortunately. early in December when he posted this announcement on reddit, it didn’t sit well with me, or many others. It was, in my opinion, an obvious red flag that something was going on or that he potentially knew something we didn’t. And as the Shark Tank goes “And for that reason, I’m out”, and so I was. If the founder is completely detached from anything that has made their millions, it’s a bit worrying. Without going into wild conspiracies, it just seemed like a bad time to be in LTC. Soon after this announcement, we got to see LTC drop a decent bit and it hasn’t climbed back since.

Marketing Efforts

Sure, it’s nice for wide adoption of LTC and to get more and more people to understand what it is and be aware of it, but the idea of a group of people existing specifically to market the coin seems a bit corporate to me. It doesn’t feel natural for crypto. It reeks of Bcash efforts, and maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but this just feels odd.


I am still very much interested and vested in crypto, so my thoughts / opinions / articles are still coming, but I’ve shifted my focus away from explicitly discussing LTC. I’m looking forward to putting together articles on various exchanges, other cryptos and various exciting news in the coming weeks and months.

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