A Bit of Reset

I’ve finally landed some free time to write a new post, and that’s surprising considering the past three weeks I’ve had. Life got WAY too busy for my family and I over the past 3 weeks, not only did I take on a project that consumed much of my day, leaving me only an hour or two for the kids, I fell behind on other work, and then illness struck my wife and I. Here we go!

The Bad

A few days ago, my wife began having a minor headache. We blew it off as we both went to sleep thinking it would go away by morning time. That wasn’t the case, as she woke up unable to sleep and in a lot of pain. A headache so bad she kept getting sick, scary stuff! After taking her to the ER and waiting around for 8 hours (gotta love the American health system), she was sent home with pain meds to help with what the doctor labelled a ‘cluster migraine’. For anyone wondering how bad these are, they have the nickname of ‘suicide’ headaches. It took my wife 3 days of straight sleep to finally battle off the headaches, with the meds doing very little. It took a week for her to fully recover and return to work.

All the while that was going on, I was integrating into a new team building a pretty sophisticated software for a large company. It was challenging and hard work, but I’m never one to shy away from a challenge or let my opinions of a certain framework get in the way too much. Sadly, I was unable to focus and contribute my dedication to them and thus ended perhaps my shortest project ever. I did get a chance to meet and talk with some very smart people and learn a few things, but overall learned that some challenges are better off left to other people.

The Good

I am the lead developer for Swearball.com, an NSFW company that sells plush balls full of adult language that will make you giggle. They started out with the idea last year and charged me with building the e-commerce platform. Over the previous year I built all of the features and planned functionality, and eventually helped them launch. They gained a lot of popularity, had plenty of sales, and made back their initial investment in just a few short months. A true success story by most measurements.
They recently got a face lift on their website, and it’s looking good! I’m proud to be a part of their adventure and look forward to growing with them in the future.

The Future

I have 3 important projects that I devote my time to. All of which present their own challenges, and goals. Each exciting in their own ways, as much as they are rewarding. Being tasked with engineering solutions and then implementing them has allowed me to grow both as a person, a developer, and the way I approach problems, both in the real world and in the digital realm.

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