This week has been a success all around; the clients are happy, all websites are online, and I’ve picked up some extremely stable work for the long term. Which means I’ll have near zero hours in the day to work on my side projects or game development. The key to success, and the most important thing as a freelancer is working on things that A) Make money, and B) You enjoy. Rarely do those two things happen at once. For me, I loved working on game development, but it takes years before you’re able to consider making a dollar. I love building websites and web apps, and it pays.

Since I left my office (day job), I was able to land 2 contract clients. They pay well enough, but the hours were a bit inconsistent, then came the launch and success of Swearball – a website I built and launched for a client of mine. This has brought on extra work and has helped nicely round my schedule and keep me consistently busy through the week. In my pursuit of being able to work from home, for myself and to make a living, I’ve been able to put myself into a comfortable situation that I had failed at doing several times in the past. Working for yourself doesn’t come without it’s stresses, headaches and worries. In fact, it’s more stressful worrying about your next paycheck, client, or if you’re doing good enough as a solo developer to keep bringing in money. It puts a strain on relationships, and contributes to not getting enough sleep at night, worrying if you’ll get paid on time.

For now, freelance is working out for me and it’s made me more comfortable than my previous day job, so in that regard I feel like I made no mistake when I left. With that being said, it’s time for some Scotch to end this week right.


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