My Thoughts After Week 1

So, I wanted to post my thoughts after my first week as an “Enterprise Application Manager”. I survived, and it turns out that the daily duties aren’t as intense or scary as I had built them up to be in my mind. In fact, it’s very much in line with what I did as a freelancer, but more official.


In my mind, I would have to manage a team of people, set standards, and make very important decisions early on, frequently, and through a dice roll at times. Turns outs, this position is more closely related to a Senior Developer, in that I have nearly complete control over the technology, stack, and deployment flow of projects. What has been a slight challenge for me is COMPLETE ownership and requirement planning of certain projects and problems. I’m very much accustomed to a client telling me their exact needs and deadlines, with this position I essentially am told a general issue, or a very high level project that needs to be developed, and I take it from there. This is the epitome of “we trust your expertise” and it’s something I’m familiar with on a freelance basis, but this is a large company, with many people using these systems. Second guessing myself and doubts have to be considered, but not “what-if” to death.


Next week begins some official projects for me to start on that will solve my company’s business needs. Previous positions saw me asking for code reviews, PR’s to be looked over, deployments to staging servers – all by some senior level. This time, it’s just me, and again, really trusting my years and years of experience in what I do. It’s both relaxing and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Take Away? I need to trust in myself as much as others do.
Positives? I finally get to use my expertise to set the tone and standards for things I work on.

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