Laravel Appreciation.

I’ve been lucky enough recently to work on a semi-complex project that involves Laravel. After getting serious about giving it a try – I’ve come to appreciate SOME of it’s auto-magic. While I’m no fan of Laravel’s founder (Taylor), and the insane fanboyism that is usually attached to the framework’s supporters, the fact of the matter is that the framework does lend itself to rapid development with a nice trace-stack for debugging.

The CLI Builder

It’s been super easy to build processes that run from the command line. While this task is usually fairly involved or annoying to implement properly from your typical framework, Laravel makes it easier and straightforward. Being able to write commands and set their time trigger from the Kernal.php file has been really helpful.

The Migrations / Seed Build

I am used to Phinx, which makes building migrations and seeds really easy. However, running it from the Windows command line often involves a long path string (php vendor/robmorgan/phinx/bin/phinx migrate), and a configuration process that for me, often complains of a dev environment not being set up when one actually is. With Laravel’s built in migration system, it’s been really easy to pick up from where previous developers have left off and even write the 20+ tables I’ve needed for a game I’m working on. Rolling back migrations or entire migration sets is also fairly straight forward.

Final Word

My major nitpicks is some of the more auto-magic on the backend and how somethings work without much explanation. I’m not a fan of it’s folder structure either (resources, public, etc…) – I feel like it’s slightly confusing to those fresh to the framework. Overall, I’d recommend Laravel for those in search of a full tool belt. For the smaller projects or building things up yourself – I’m still in love with SlimPHP

In Other Adam News

I’ve shelved the Crypto project for a while. Some of the encryption based requirements (Hash, ISO, SHA related stuff) are a bit over my head and I have not been able to find PHP ways of implementing some of these. One major piece missing before I open-source it is the ability to automatically check your Gemini Exchange balance (BTC, ETH and potentially even USD), once I’ve done that I will happily release V.0.1.0 into the wild.

I’m still developing a game. Potentially releasing screen shots later this year. Art budgets are tough to get right and ensure your vision is produced. Exciting times!

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