It’s nearly Fall!

When it rains it pours. I hate that phrase, but it really applies to us lately. We usually have a pretty good and fairly strict budget to ensure that we have enough to put into savings at the end of every two weeks. Sadly, we’re blowing our budget by about 3 times the original amount. Whew!

Since my last post, I’ve moved over all of my game development updates to it’s proper home – so feel free to head over there if you’re ever curious about the progress and state of things for that project.

I’ve also learned a lot about Vue.js and Laravel. I’ve had a great mentor who’s not only allowed me to learn on a project of his, but also guides me when I get stuck or are unsure of how to chain together an eloquent query. It’s been fun developing and learning again. I’ve also discovered Nuxt.js which seems like a really solid foundation for developing Vue.js applications, though I’m slightly put off by having to deal with Webpack or Browserify.

I’d like to occasionally post some code related entries here, so I’m on the hunt for a good code parser / syntax highlighter, though it seems most of the free plugins are either severely outdated or far too ugly for my tastes. Otherwise, I’m not going to be too active on this blog for the next few months outside of the occasional short post – feel free to follow me on Twitter though!

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