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As I step into game development, I am often reminded that it’s a world different than web development. I was never an expert web developer, but after 13 years doing it, I learned a thing or two and have been able create some really fun and amazing projects. That being said, even my simple Tower Defense game is kicking my ass. Between learning to utilize ‘game logic’ and think in frames and steps, it’s really weird compared to how I’m used to doing things, waiting on user input.

My goal is to make my first game and publish it on Google Play. I’m keeping it simple all the while trying to make it fun and interesting. It’s a Tower Defense game, and having not played more than 1 or 2 of those types of games ever, I think I can approach the mechanics with out influences on the style or mechanics. I don’t expect the game to be amazing or have a following of any sort, but who knows.

The game currently features example art from the lovely asset community. It will change once I have all of the mechanics complete, but for now those art assets are super helpful. As it stands, the game has less than 300 lines of code. The engine I’m using has been pretty helpful and comes with a ton of built-in functionality, so doing things like particles and movement is very easy.

So, what have I completed so far?

  • You can select between 3 tower types and place them within the light green squares.
  • Each tower launches it’s own projectile with varied damage rates and cool down timers.
  • Enemy planes explode in a nice little particle cloud and drop money.
  • You have to click on money to ‘collect’ it, the money then emits a little spark when clicked.
  • The enemy path is preset, it’s also very rigid. It will change after the level is complete.

Some things I am still figuring out or planning:

  • How to transition to new levels once all waves are complete? Does the player retain their money, or is it a new area. A story-line element might be needed to help justify loss of previous towers.
  • Different enemy types and how/when/if the interact with the player and environment. I will eventually have enemies that shoot back – pew pew!

That’s it this week. Thanks for reading and stuff. I will eventually have a demo up once I’m comfortable with stability, I may even do a video update next week. One thing I am working on is recording game play, I haven’t found a simple/basic recorder yet.


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