If Harry Potter was a Vagrant with Bitcoin and a Side Project

Side Project – GO!

It’s been a long time since I’ve touched code outside of my day job. While I love what I do during my office hours, it’s work that doesn’t really translate well to other skills, minus a few creative loops – It’s pretty basic stuff. Interfacing with legacy systems and SOAP API’s isn’t exactly creative problem solving. So I decided to dig through some old projects on my Bitbucket and came across a marketplace (of sorts) project. I started it nearly two years ago when I woke from a dream in which I was a beard oil maker – yeah…
So, after many months of a lack of interest and time, I’ve decided to pick back up the project and get in the bare minimum to launch it. The code base uses and old version Slim, Bower, and a broken Gulp flow – something I’d like to eventually rework into newer standards.

Hecking Vagrant & Xampp!

I’ve given up with Vagrant, years and years of use with increasing problems. I’ve finally ran into an issue that, after exhaustive Google searching, yields useless results. More so, I’m not too knowledgeable on configuring VMs and LAMP stacks sadly, so the lovely Ubuntu LTS update bug as completely turned me off of Vagrant.

I hate using XAMPP, it lacks the finer control that a VM does, and it also requires a bit more configuration to get working than my VMs that I’m used to. In my opinion, it’s the old school way of web development. But, I’m determined to have coding projects to tinker with.

Harry Potter Obsession

I love Harry Potter, so much so, I’ve long had half my arm covered in the Ravenclaw House Emblem in the form of a tattoo (I still need to finish this). I’m finally, finally, reading through the series properly. Yes, I’ve watched the movies, but the books are a fair bit more involved. In addition, I’ve been scoping out various little toys and items on Amazon and stores in order to add to my collection. My next purchase will likely be a Niffler – though I’m unsure if I want the expensive pewter case one, or the plushie?

Dat Bitcoin

Yes, I bought some Bitcoin cause I heard it hit $10k valuation. No, I don’t regret it. I figured I’d invest a little bit of money and see what happens. It’s been fun to watch the charts rise, and fall, I’ve seen myself “gain” $2, and shortly after, “lose” $5. I’m learning terms and concepts about trading, valuation, and cryptocurrency that I had no idea of before. It’ll be fun to see if one day I can recoup my small investment into a few hundred thousand.

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