Development on my game, ForEverAll, has steadily made progress. I’ve been able to focus about 1-2 hours every day on it – and now that I’ve got my primary development computer things should hopefully start going smoother.


What is ForEverAll?

Aside from it being a game, it’s a futuristic themed browser/text-based MMO. If you’ve ever played games like OGame, TornCity or MafiaWars, then you’ll have a good idea of the type of game ForEverAll is. It wont require any downloads or special hardware, it exists strictly in the browser. Players will be able select one of 5 species as their character and then jump right in to the fray – from racing vehicles called MagLevites, to joining player-ran groups (Factions) in order to lay claim to the city.

Here are two screen shots from the very early stages – the login screen (exciting, right) and the Casino screen featuring only slot machines (with several planned games based loosely on real games).

ForEverAll Login Screen Pre-alpha screen shot of the Casino


What technologies are behind the game?

A lot of PHP (Laravel), a healthy dose of MySQL (for the database), coupled in with CSSĀ  (Sass) and JS (Vue.js). Though the game is text-based, it will feature plenty of visual elements that help create an immersive world. One of the bigger challenges is the city map and how to style and present to the players where they are and what’s around them. Though I don’t envision a player walking around via keyboard commands, a static map with buildings and environmental features will more than likely be what’s in the final release.


When do you expect the game to release?

In early 2019 I’ll likely have a Beta version online to those interested in helping test things. My main foreseeable obstacles will be art – both on the style I have in my mind for the thousand of items, locations, species, etc… and the cost. While in previous games I’ve made my own art, I want to ensure that ForEverAll has a pleasing aesthetic that players enjoy looking at.

My goals are to have a mostly stable and finalized game by mid 2019. I know how annoying it can be as player to invest time and effort into building up a character only to have it reset due to the whole Beta experiment.

As I progress more towards an Alpha/Beta launch, I’ll be moving all of the related chats to the dev-blog and get my blog back on track to personal ramblings and the occasional coding article.

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