48 Hours

I’ve got to catch a flight in 48 hours! Wake up at 4am, arrive to the airport at 5am, take off at 6am, then go backwards in time and land in Denver all before 9am. My Forest Whitaker eye is strong right about now.


Ya’ll like large MySQL Migrations?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of migrating a 5GB MySQL DB from one shared server environment to another (lacking proper command line access), you’ll know just how exciting my day was after a nice 3 day long weekend. And if you’ve ever worked with OS Ticket, you’ll know exactly how excited I am about my things in the office. It’s always hard to shift between engineering your own platform that will house several different UI’s with entirely different functionality to working on a fairly sloppy and outdated system.


Big Jet Plane

I have an intense fear of being on an airplane for hours at a time. I’m afraid of heights, but that pales in comparison to my irrational mindset of being on a plane, with absolutely zero control. I understand more about how planes work than your average passenger, I know how safe they are, how well trained the pilots are, and the many procedures and fail safes that kick on during situations. I know if we lose an engine, we can still glide to safety without worry. None of that knowledge matters when I am forced to be in the same seat for 3 hours, unable to distract myself with an activity should my anxiety kick in. But the reward for my efforts FAR FAR outweigh my temporary panic, and will last far longer than the 3 hours I’m airborne.


Crypto Project

It’s still coming along. I’ve decide to delve a bit deeper into Gemini’s private API calls, but have had some rough luck. Their support team seems eager enough to work through these with me, so that’s always good. There have been at least 2 projects that have came out in recent days, both are pretty much what I’m doing (and they have obviously spent more and honed in on ideal feature sets). I still want to get to a decent beta release, assuming I can implement more autonomy in tracking your overall investments and balances within an exchange (again, Gemini is my target exchange now).



I admit it – I still use jQuery for everything. Feel free to shake your head and cringe. I’m sorry. It’s my comfortable crutch. However, I’ve been considering giving a proper JS framework a go, and so far it seems that Vue.js is right for me. It’s sensible, seems fairly easy to make some basic functionality with. I’m just a bit afraid of having to dabble in ES, Babel, WebPack, and all those other modern systems. The appealing thing about jQuery for me is the lack of effort require to get it all running, and I’m really familiar with the syntax. Vue.js, on the other hand, seems a lot more involved. We’ll see.


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