Finding my rythm

I’ve been hard at work when I’m not working my day job. My focus has been on two projects, both using the Laravel framework which I must admit, has been really fun to work with for the most part. Sure, it’s got dumb concepts with migrations and DB seeders, and query builder seems a bit odd. But overall, it’s a fairly friendly system – one that as a long term developer has made it easy to focus on the rules of what I’m developing versus the logic of how to handle certain things.


This will be a shameless plug! In one of my previous posts ( I discussed the ideas and desires to recreate an old browser based game I worked on many years ago. One of my main concerns in re-building the game was to challenge myself to learn new technologies, seeing as I originally got into programming and learned my ways by building an online game. So far, I’ve been able to stick to that mantra and it’s been exciting. One of the greatest and most liberating things is to create your own game – a world and setting in which you design completely from your imagination.

To date, I’ve completed about 10% of the game. A lot of the base locations and DB has been laid out. I’ve began settling on art concepts, and still need to balance every game item (upwards of 1,000 base items from vehicles to weapons and armors). The teaser page exists now over at – and I’m really obsessed with the whole Plexus effect as of late. Screen shots coming one day.

Day Job

I’ve been challenged at my day job – but not in ways that I’m satisfied with. It’s summed up to finding ways to interact with legacy systems (IBM, DB2) to pull massive amounts of slow data into a modern UI. I’ve rebuilt Excel for our Payroll department, poke around a poorly managed and documented WordPress build, and wrestling with OSS that is all but deprecated. I’d half expect to be including in on engineering decisions or important architecture and implementations, alas, I’m more of a code monkey which is a bummer.

Personal Goings

Life has been great for me this year. After flying up to Colorado to perform a 24 hour road trip with my girlfriend so she could relocate to South Carolina, we took another trip recently. I barely managed to fight off a massive anxiety attack on the night flight back – no fun. Our home is starting to feel extremely cozy these days. I never imagine I’d be enjoying such a comfortable atmosphere – I’m a lucky person!

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