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I like having side projects, I try to keep two going at once. While I’ve shelved my persistent bower-based game for now and focused on a Beard Product project, I’ve decided to try and challenge myself to working with external APIs, modern coding practices, and expanding my knowledge. So I’ve picked up a project aimed at managing your personal cryptocurrency portfolio. It will be a good way for me to easily get an overview of the market, how much of a coin I own, and the value based on the current market prices. Essentially, I am creating this for myself with the hopes to allow other people to either deploy the app to their own server, or release it as an open source project. Who knows!

Which markets?

Currently, I’m working on integrating the API for price fetching. I also want to implement a way of historically tracking your valuation from day to day, though this is a future wish list item.

When will it be available?

Not sure, I work on this in my free time. I’m currently laying out a road map for V.1 and once I have it all laid out I’ll be able to better gauge the commitment involved. To date, I’ve spent around 2-3 days working on it.

Will it be publicly available?

Ideally, I’d like to release the source code to it. I would also like to launch a website centered around the technology and allow people to sign up for free and easily track their own data. We’ll see where the road leads.

Initial Features?

I am aiming to have market prices (either on page load, or real-time, we’ll see), manually adjusted “amount” of a coin a user owns, and the valuation of your portfolio. I am also hoping to show some sort of basic breakdown of how much you have spent on your crypto investments. I think that will be a good V1 release candidate. I’m excited!

What language am I using?

PHP! All of the front-end will be in Bootstrap 4, handled with sprinkles of jQuery (I’d love to learn Vue.JS), and SASS. The back-end is all PHP using libraries such as Slim PHP 3, Guzzle 6, and Twig (template rendering). I’ve been developing websites and platforms in PHP for 14 years, and while I’d like to learn other technologies, I think sharpening my PHP skills is a good use of my time lately.


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