Closing out 2018

This year has been wild! It’s been full of amazing surprises, adventures and exploring new things. I’ve grew and changed in many positive ways, something I couldn’t have done without the help of the love of my life, Kelsey (!

I’ve tried new foods, I’ve branched out my taste buds. I’ve boarded way more flights than I ever have. I’ve met more people than I can count. I’ve worked more hours than any other year. It’s safe to say that 2018 was extremely productive for me and allowed me to open my horizons, the addiction to learning and adding more culture to myself is growing.

I started this year off without too many stretch goals, I knew I wouldn’t make a serious effort to start working out or spend another few wasted months trying to build a startup. I dialed it back and it’s made things a lot easier to look back on and identify the success and highlights. And while I usually wait until around December the 30th to post one of these things – I wanted to ensure I took the free time I had now to get this written.

The Accomplishments

My girlfriend moved in with me and we’ve made it nearly a full year as an official couple. We’ve navigated through some exciting adventures, changes, and are excited for what the new year brings us (excited for everything but the flights!).

I began working for a startup (not my own woo!) that’s actually very promising and has the backings of extremely driven and creative people. I’ve been primary developer for a month now and can’t wait until it’s launched next year. This isn’t the next Facebook or some app that will completely change the internet – it’s an education focused startup with realistic goals and movement towards launch.

Growing as a parent has been productive! I’ve worked on being a better dad and I’ve focused more on teaching my kids how to always do better and try their best. Being able to watch them grow and evolve has been amazing!

I‘ve challenged myself to learn new technology and interesting concepts. From cryptocurrency exchanges to programming frameworks, this year has been ripe with learning about things that interested me.

Things to Work On

Like any reasonable and self-aware person, I have things I want to work on. Some are career oriented while others are life goals all very realistic in my opinion:

Learning more advanced programming concepts and working with interesting technology stacks. My dive into Laravel and Vue.js this year has proven really productive.

Continuing to develop my online game ForEverAll. With a tight schedule and little free personal time, it’s had to take a back seat, but I feel a launch early in 2019 is still very possible.

Working more towards saving for retirement and being able to do more fun things in life. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to be sitting in front of a computer screen for the rest of my life. Drinking good beer and enjoying some nice sushi in a distant land sounds great to me!

Stretch Goals for 2019

Alright, it’s fun to day-dream and think about the possibilities and achievements for the future, so let’s!

  • Read more books about technology, and of maybe a re-read of Harry Potter!
  • Visit more cities and exciting places with my lady.
  • Continue to venture into healthier eating.
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