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My love beer is no secret, I enjoy a well made IPA, a balanced Sour, a rich Stout, or a smooth and sweet cider. Good beer is really good and the work that goes into a pint is insane. I’ve been a home brewer for a year now, and I’ve experienced first hand just how hard some of the work is at even the basic levels, but the results can be well rewarding.

This year, at the ripe age of 27, I had my first brewery tour down in Atlanta at Sweet Water. I was hooked! I just did a tour of Left Nut Brewing in Gainesville, GA. and was able to learn the history behind the building they were in. An WW2 era Johnson & Johnson factory that primarily supplied the US side band-aides, now home to some beers with a lot of great character. The whole place was very impressive and rustic.

I am scheduled to visit at least 3 breweries when I visit Chicago in April; Founders, Bells and 3 Floyds. All breweries that I greatly enjoy and have had my fair share of. As of my two tours so far, I have came home each time and realized that if I had a choice – I’d give up programing tomorrow to fully invest my time into making beer. The effort, dedication, energy, passion and creative levels that go into making a beer are all very interesting and captivating to me.

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