2020 – A clear vision

It’s the end of another year, and what a year it’s been! From travels, to relationships, learning, and watching my kiddos grow. I can safely say that this year has been incredible for growth and learning!
How about that title? Was that too dad-joke like?


I’ve been fortunate enough to grow from an online friendship with someone thousands of miles away, to being engaged with them. I never imaged when we met just over two years ago (online) that we’d move in together, and get engaged. With our wedding slated for October of 2020, things have been exciting and amazing.


My two kids have grown an insane amount. The little doodles my son drew have evolved into legible and really interesting takes on helicopters, cars, and people. My little girl is also an amazing artist and has begun working on her own set of mini-novels based around comedy and cows, it’s great! The latest obsessions of Fortnite and Lego have stormed the house, I’ve just embraced it an accepted that this is life now 😉


I went from working in a cubicle at a boring job under awful management, to now working from home and leading the engineering team of a very complex and challenging platform. I’ve learned many new languages and technologies which is always a massive perk at a job. I’ve been super thankful to be afforded the opportunity to learn on the job, get paid for it, and work without crappy lights and walls closing in on me.

I was able to be involved in a very important and meaningful project (https://codewizardsacademy.com/), helping build something for the future generations. I learned a TON on that project which I’ve carried with me into my own personal projects and my day-to-day work.


This year I’ve seen my mental abilities to deal with stressful situations improve. While I have had a few notable panic attacks and periods of recovery, I attribute having far less to techniques I’ve learned along the way. For me, it’s distraction that beats an incoming panic attack.

I’ve also noticed that at 30, my body is different (ugh). It actually hurts to get up in the AM, my knees have been awful since a plan trip I took earlier this year. I imagine it’s fluid build up, but still not bad enough to see a doctor. My sleep earlier in the year as awful, I slept very little and took a lot of effort to fall asleep. Luckily, I’m on a schedule that helps me sleep better, and I no longer view sleeping as an anxiety fueling endeavor.

Goals For 2020

As is customary, I’ve set up some reasonable and obtainable goals for the next 365 days.

  • Continue to learn and expand my programming skills (new languages and frameworks).
  • Pay down some debt and get rid of bills.
  • Plan out and pull off the wedding between myself and my best friend and life partner in October!
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