// About Me

Want to learn more about me?

Over my career, I've put forth lots of effort to stay well rounded and fluent in many web development technologies. From front-end and responsive web design, to back-end systems with complex database architecture and object oriented code.

In my 14 years of web development, I've had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, from solving major businesses issues to working on websites that serve millions of people a year. I've been able to learn from and teach others around me, allowing myself to grow and adjust my abilities as a developer.

If I had to summarize my abilities and key points, I would do so like this:

What are some of my hobbies?

When I'm not building websites, I'm a homebrewer and enjoy how much different it is from my main passion. In development, it's not hard to get instant gratification, with brewing beer, it takes weeks and months to have your efforts pay off. That's a big change.